Building on one of the longest-standing traditions of imagemaking –applying ink, by hand, to paper– I try to distill the aesthetic and visceral experience of a boundless sprawl into stark graphics. These are landscapes essentialized into chaotic growth, altered by human or other intervention. Everything in them whether constructed or sprung from the earth, joins the tangle of elements that make the natural world.

Through the carefully detailed rendering of limbs and branches, my art seeks to capture the spectacular pantomime of this process. The gesture of these landscape elements is of greater importance than the scenes than they eventually compose. As such, my drawings hinge on the crafting of each individual line. They are laboriously hand-hewn ink-on-paper works entirely comprised of careful, purposeful marks. This is done not in the service of posing an illusion of nature, but rather committing to a meditation on its process. To avoid becoming primarily ‘scenery’ the content of the images is displayed in its form, but limited in color and depth.